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Hello Team, 

I am working on Traditional Web application. In this application I have one web block and in this block i am calling another web block. Child web block calling in a "List records widget" and passing values as block input parameter. 

Child web block event execute and that parameter comes in parent handler correctly. that parameter values i want to store in List and it's also added correctly.  

Issue is that, In next time when event triggered then previous values gone from List variable. means list is empty. it stored only current values comes from child event and next time List parameter is empty. 

I want to store all values comes from child web block event in a List in parent web block. 

Thanks in advance.   


Hi Jitendra,

Have you tried to store the data using listappend or listappendall server actions in parent web block which comes from child web block?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachine, 

In parent block first i find the index in List variable based on child event parameter and then update(using Assign) the value on that index in list. Next time when child event executed then previous index value has been lost.      

Not able to share OML but i can share screen shot for you. 

This is how you can try to use ListAppend server action and store repetitive values into the same list after your last Assign.

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