Pagination is not appearing on the go when new record is getting added with a drawer
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Hi ,

I have a table lets say 

I Keep 9 records in list (displaying 10 records per page) and will  Add 2 new records to the list ,but on the addition of the 11th record the pagination will not appear automatically... when I reload page it will update .(pagination and as well as the number of records )

adding new record is by using drawer ...

After the save functionality I have done ajax refresh for table wrapper ( contains :- Table records , Navigation and number of records )

below are my table values :-

List counter:- 

 Start Index - 


Line count -


List Navigation :-

 Table start Index - 0 

Line count -


Please assist where I am wrong ... I am unable to figure it out ... tried all possible way I know



Hello Nandini,

Hope you're doing well.

Are you refreshing the data before doing the Ajax Refresh?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Yes I am doing data refresh also.

and when the new record is added it is getting added to the table only the list sort and pagination issue is there ...

Hello @Nandini T S,

You mentioned setting a 'Table Start Index = 0' under List_Navigation, however, I am not able to relate this setting in the properties for the List_Navigation widget. Could you please clarify? For e.g. following is what I see on my end.



Hi , sorry for that ,

I meant The table records start index is 0

Hello Nandini,

Hope you're doing well.

can you please share .oml file.



Hi Nandni,

Please check following screenshot if you are doing in same way,

Table record,


OnNotify Action ,

Hope this help,

Kind Regards,


Hi Komal ,

Thanks for the response ,

I have given start index for table records as 0

sorry ,I dont understand why u have given listNavigation_getstartindex( for table records .

Start Index is sets the initial index to start the pagination, If you set 0 To tables start index then it will always take 0 As start index and when you click on Next, It still take 0 as start index and it wont move to next, Please try with "listNavigation_getstartindex( " it will work as required,



Tried the same it did not work :(

Is it possible for you to  share screen shots of Table property and paginations property and onnotify action as I shared above?

Hi Komal ,

Thanks for the suggestions ... it is resolved now... the index was wrong and i have given that according to the requirement ,,

Hi @Nandini T S 

In the preparation, check the aggregate that is populating to the table records if it has the list sort 


Gonçalo Almeida


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