How to identify the function/API loading on screen?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.10.2 (Build 25738)

Hi all,

I have a problem on Tradition Web. The screen keep show loading bar on top of bowser after I click a button and do a Ajax refresh for the Block inside the screen.  It is expected the Block will show on screen after clicked the button and Ajax refresh, but it did not show up on screen

However, when I press F5 to refresh the screen, then the block will show up on I am thinking the screen is stop by something maybe Ajax refresh or some API.... 

Please share some suggestion on how to identify this issue, many thanks 

Platform version: 11.10.2 (Build 25738)  

Hi Jack

Have you tried debugging your screen action and check if boolean (if there's any) will change value before doing ajax refresh ?



Yes, I have run the debug and the boolean was change to true, and the debug was run through from Start to End

Just checking, if the block was displayed after you refreshed the screen, can you check if

the block's condition is affected by the preparation that needs to be refreshed also before doing ajax refresh.

Also, is your button method set to Ajax Submit ?

if possible, can you provide a working oml for rapid investigation.

Thank you


Hi Jack

Could you provide the OML file. 



Somehow I use two container with display condition(Boolean value: IsShow & not IsShow) to replace IF widget, the behavior of screen is normal now.     

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