[Case Management framework] Case_GetCases action is not returning accurate activities for a process
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11.8.11 (Build 31184)

Hello All,

I am using Case management Apis in service studio to customize the code generated from my WorkFlow Builder. I change the activity assignment for some activities to be assigned to a user instead of a group and I did multiple modifications which all work fine in the term of the flow. But I am facing a strange issue where the progress is not accurate in the list of requests, as it is seen in the below screenshot that requests with different stages are having the same progress. 

When I access the request details the progress is fetched successfully.

I debugged and noticed that the issue is in fetching the request details using the Case_GetCases action. When specifying the ID of the case all its activities are fetched but when getting a list of cases with Case_GetCases without specifying any Case Id only the last activity is fetched which makes the progress bar always in the initial stage. This is very weird, I think it was working fine, in the beginning, using the pure code generated by the WorkFlow Builder but I don't know what changes I did cause this. I checked the mapping in the HistoryActivity table in the CM_CaseInformation_CS and everything seems fine and accurate there.

Appreciate any help.

As far as i know the GetCases by default only returns the list of activities that are assigned to the current user or are assigned to a group the current user belongs to. There is a filter paramter IsReturnAll that must be true to retrieve all activities.

I changed it to true and I still got only the last activity related to the task, when using the same API but with specifying a case Id as a filter the API works properly.  

this is a snapshot of the API properties, these all are automatically generated when converting workflow builder. I only added filter No. 7 "Case Id" for checking the behavior in case of specific Case  Id and it is working fine. 

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