[Data Grid Reactive] Datagrid layout (Pagination,Column visibility,Filters) after visiting details page
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We have a use case for our customers where:

- We use datagrid to show a list (of for example Orders) 

- The user can adjust their view, showing hiding column, paginate and using filters.

- We use click event on a row cell to open a details order page, with "Destination" in the action.

- After "Destination" sends the user to the details page, the user can click a back button on that screen, using "previous screen" as on click.

- the user would like to get back on the same page with the same view, (same pagination page, same column visibility etc), but it seems like the grid is refreshing and user has to find back to where he was manually.

We are using the possibility to save and load user specific views, but since also same pagination is wanted, we would like the data grid page to "do nothing" and get back to the same place as it was when onclick action sendt the user to details page.

Do you have any suggestion on how to get this behaviour for out clients?




Hello Bård 

Currently our Save/Load layout feature (link here) is prepared to save the columns layout, along with sorting, filter and grouping configuration.

Until now we have no needs to save pagination, or cell position, and I assume that you would like go back to the same cell, am I right?

By now, I would say the easiest option would be using Popups, there is a sample attached showing how to use it. The documentation for action columns may help you through this path.

Any questions feel free to reach me out.

Ricardo Valim


Thanks for fast reply.

Changing details pages to popup will affect user experience throuout the application, and for details screen with lot of information (orders, orderlines, documents etc) I think the best fit for our clients is to work in a normal page.

What we would like is the same behaviour as today when we use "table" to view data. After paginating to page 2, going into a details page with "Destination", and back it still is on page 2.

We hope this can be possible in the future?

Hello Bård,

All the requests are discussed internally, them we have an order of priority based on users desire.

So I can inform the team about your necessity, and I would suggest you to register your idea here, so others users can vote on your idea too, upvoted ideas can be prioritized.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Valim

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