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I have a list which must display all records of my aggreagate.

The length of my list is 10 but only 2 records are displayed.

The list widget is refreshed (rendered) randomly, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Please do you know how to refresh the VISUAL of my list widget ?

Best Regards,


Hi Julien,

In reactive, you don't need to refesh the widgets (like traditional), they react to the data changes.

Do you have any kind of limitation on the aggregate that feed your list (like a MaxRecord defined as "2")?

Can you share some prints or the OML so we can understand better what's happening?


Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Ricardo,

Yes i agree. This is where the issue is it. Why the widget doesn't refresh!


Hello Julien,

Hope you're doing well.

Can you share your OML so we can take a look into it?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hello Rui,

I'm sorry i can't... it's a private project.



Hello julien,

Then some prints of the code if possible.

Can you show us the properties of your Aggregate (that is bound to the list)?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui,

Here the properties of the Aggreagate. 

But i have no issue with the Aggregate it works fine and he give me the required result. 

The issue come from the List Widget which doesn't display all the Aggregate's records


It seems fine.

Can you show the list properties then?

Here the list property

NB : When i display the records of my aggregate in the Table Widget, all the required records are displayed...

Hi @Julien Garcia,

Unfortunately since we can only guess at this point, is there any search filter in effect on the screen and the search criteria is stored in a client variable maybe? I suggest this because the only 2 rows to be displayed coincidentally both start with a '2'.

Another option is to try and use a Table widget, just to test, and see how many rows of data you get for the same aggregate.



Hi AJ,

Any filter is applied.

As said before, i tested with Table widget and all records are displayed for the same aggregate.

Thanks for your help

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