[Case Management framework] How to use Calendar on Case Management Framework
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Hi, I'd like to know how to use the Calendar of Case Management Framework, I did the configuration as says in documentation, but I don't know yet what to do after this step and where I use it. Can someone help me or there a place where can I see how to do it? An example

Hello @Andre Theodoro.

Thank you for your message.

After configuring a calendar, your next step is start using it. And you can do it, using the following actions:

  • Case_AssociateProcess
  • Activity_CalculateAndSetDueDate
  • Process_CalculateAndSetDueDate

In these 3 actions you can pass the CalendarId. On the parameter's description you can read the following:

Calendar associated for SLA Calculation. If the calendar is not filled in, if there is a calendar associated with the activity it will be used, otherwise it will consider 24/7.

One note: on the Case_AssociateProcess action passing a CalendarId will result in a SLA associated to the case. At the moment, the description is not clear but we will improve it.

Hope I could help.

Best regards,
Ricardo Lopes

Hi @Ricardo Lopes, Thank you very much for the help, I'll try this and will return to say if it worked for me or not.

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