[MongoDB] mongodb forge demo youtube video
Forge component by Barduino
Service Studio Version
11.10.18 (Build 40944)

So at the  12.52 he sets like to current id why mines doesn t have it 

it only shows expression editormon



Have you created your data action like the one shown in the video?

already fixed , but now i have a conector error string , basically i can t connect to the mongodb

Would be helpful if you can post the full error message, rather than an image. You should be able to find the error in Service Center error log for the application/module.

This isn't really a question related to the MongoDB Connector.

As @Bryan Minton points out, you need to have the data already available in the Home screen in order to point to the id of the item that the user clicks.

If you're continuing to have issues, it might be better to move your question to the main forums page, since what you're running into isn't really specific to the MongoDB Connector.


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