Really.... I tired with reactive outsystems (without report, without excel)
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Hello to everyone....

I need daily report (or export to excel) more that 180 row (result of query of many tables, is the basic relational sql)... I have check a lot of threads of this forum but only say examples is for traditional web (reactive I was my bad choice... but I have finished reactive app)... If I check forge, all pluggins sayme "not available version for your environment" (I have outsystem 11 REACTIVE).... the examples to excel just is for only normal web and use the ridiculous single table users (any query in this world use many relational tables... a simple table doesn't useful) ... other plugin in JS run in demo...but in my example doesn't work (show many error).

Please ... please.... please... my questions is the MORE AND BASIC QUESTION in any app of the world....

How do I for print a report of my view ? or how do I for export the actual view ? (report o excel is the minimun capabilitie must has any app in the world)



Hello Carrara,

Hope you're doing well.

There are some Forge components to export HTML tables to an Excel file. Did you take a look for example at these?

Dynamic Excel Report

Reactive Export as Excel

They are both for Reactive Web Apps, OutSystems 11 and they have demos so you can see how to implement it.

According the description, it seems that they do exactly what you pretend... Meaning export to Excel the information that is displayed on the screen.

Anyway, you can always export data to Excel in a Reactive Web App using a Server Action.

You just need to create a Server Action, where you should pass your List (information to export) to a RecordListToExcel action and assign the result of it to a Binary output parameter. After that, you may call this Server Action in a Client Action and pass the Binary output to a Download node. You can check in this documentation how to do it.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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