List Filter

I obtain following result via SQL I have to filter records by ProjmanagerId.

My requirement is to fetch how many projects each manger has

Not sure what condition to give in filter list


Hi Albatross,

Can you please share complete picture with column headers so that we may know which column is ProjmanagerId.

I am assuming first column has the projmanagerId so you just have to group by that column and count rest based on that. Something like below

SELECT projmanagedId, Count(*) FROM TableName GROUP BY ProjmanagerId

Jus for your information this is not OutSystems specific question as this is pure SQL. So you should ask this on other forums like StackOverflow.

Right most column is ProjmanagerId .

Okay. Thanks


Yes, you can apply same logic in SQL and it will give you expacted results with one row for each projmanagerid with its number of projects.

Hi Albatross,

This result can also be easily obtained using an aggregate where you put the Group By on ProjmanagerId and Count on the field containing the (Project)Id.


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