[Firebase Mobile] Impact of iOS 14.5 release and ATT consent
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I'm using latest version of Firebase Mobile plugin... and we know that iOS 14.5 going to be released soon... 

I would like to know what will be the impact in Firebase Mobile plugin for iOS 14.5... I'm not a professional native app developer... It will be helpful if you clarify the following questions for me.

 I got some information here: https://firebase.google.com/docs/ios/supporting-ios-14 and iOS 14.5 change may impact 

Dynamic Links - No impact for link-opening functionality. When used with Google Analytics, attribution for link conversion events is unavailable. 

Cloud Messaging - When used with Google Analytics, Google Analytics will automatically log some FCM-related conversion events. Attribution for these events requires IDFA access.

Remote Config - When used with Google Analytics, Remote Config does not allow automatically-created user properties for targeting without IDFA access

And it will impact

Google Analytics - Analytics event logging, event reporting, and conversion measurement are unaffected, but attribution is impacted if IDFA is not accessible.

Based on the above, 

- Is this plugin compatible with iOS 14.5 or is there a new version of this plugin with 14.5 support going to be released?

- Are we using AdMob or Ad Support in this plugin?

- Are we accessing iOS IDFA anywhere in this plugin?

- Do we need ATT consent popup to use this plugin (as we are using analytics)? 

- What data will be ignored if we don't use ATT consent popup or user optout ATT consent

Really appreciate if you provide the information as soon as possible... 



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