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I have a UserList screen that has an aggregate that list all users. However I woud like to show only the users that belong to a role of the application. For that I created some groups for the applicaition in the the users. However Im in doubt now how to filter in the aggregate to only show the correct users using the userextended_bl server actions. Do you know what is necessary for this?


Hi Peter,

You want to filter by users belong to a given group, is that it?

If that is the case, you can reference the entity Group and Group_User from System:

Then your query is just inner joining the entities (Only With connection) and the filter by GroupId or Group name:

In case you want to filter by roles, you just need to reference the entities User_Effective_Role and Role also from System and apply the same principle.

Kind Regards,

You can access Users/Roles/Groups using this entities:

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