List_BulkSelect enabling or desabling link

List_BulkSelect enabling or desabling link

I am stucked on last few days with something that looks simple but I am sure if I am doing it right.
After googling allot and read most of the outsystems availabe info (for List_BulkSelect), I kindly ask for help.
I have a table with some records and already added a List_BulkSelect that could allow me to delete several records with one a single action (it works).
 I did add a link on the top of the table pointing to a screen action that deletes all the records that are "checked" on the table.
I intended to go further and decided that the link (delete records) should only be enabled if (at least) a single record would be"checked" on the table.
Otherwise, the link would be disabled ... and I thought that would be easy (I am using the "enable" property from the link together with the "on change" property from the checkbox).
All is working fine if I pick one or several checkboxes (records) one by one ... I used the "on change" property from the checkbox to refresh the container where the link is.
The issue now is, if I do select all the records trough the the List_BulkSelect (on the column header), I have no "On change" property ... and the Outsystems does not considers the "change" on all of the checkboxes at the line level (in spite of all of the get "checked").
How is it possible that all of the checkboxes became marked (checked) and Outsystems does not "recognize" that (otherwise, my link would became "enabled" the same way that it happens when I do pick it one by one)?
- First, is there a way that I could use something line "on change" for the List_BulkSelect ?
- Second, what's wrong whit my checkboxes that upon get "checked" trough the List_BulkSelect, are not recognized as "checked"?
Thank you all

Can you provide a simple oml with your issue?

Afaik, it works, not sure though, haven't used it lately.
Perhaps check the styleguide in components, even though it's obsolete, there are some pages which uses the list_box widget.

Hi Oscar, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Indeed, the behavior you're referring to is the one that is documented on the Javascript specification, and is a common question from web developers.

Apparently, one can now call the event directly, using
where "elem" is the actual element.

If that's the case, probably the way to go would be for you to customize the List_BulkSelect widget - if you have access to it - and add that line. It will have to be tested to make sure it runs properly on every browser.

Let me know if this helps, and in case you are able to customize the widget, do share it here!


Paulo Tavares


First of all, thank you all for the support.

Attached you may have an example of one .oml with the mentioned issue.

- Picking the only record available (entity), I get insided a web screen with two records (vendas)  associated to the mentioned entity.
- the  "Delete selected Vendas" link is disabled by default and only becames available if pick (at least) one record from Vendas.

The issue remains, if I pick the top "List_BulkSelect " ... no action.

@ Paulo, what I've figured from what you've said is that I can add that line into the List_BulkSelect.js file? ... or other?

Thank you all again,

Ah, I see the problem.

After much trying to workaround the problem with javascript and the like, there was a simple thing missing.

The widget already handles that by default. In the "AssociatedLinkIds" you need to pass the IDs of the widgets that will be enabled or disabled according to the checkboxes' status.

In this case, you just need to:

1 - Pass the widget the following:
which is the ID for your Delete link.

2 - When you added your own "OnChange" action, it was just replicating effort. You should also remove the onchange action altogether from the table's checkbox.

I hope this works and that makes it clearer! :) Sorry for the bold font, but with so much text, I wanted to make clear the two steps you needed to take.

Let us know if this helps!


Paulo Tavares

Hello Paulo,

Shame on me, I made a 360º workaround to try to solve something ... and the solution was under my nose...
Now I can see how obvious is the help text (when I pass the mouse over the "AssociatedLinkIds") ... I was just not connecting the "dots".

Thank you all so much.