How can I make the Side Menu keep its state throughout the app?
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Hi there.

I have an app where the Side Menu Layout is used for all of the screens (with a MenuBehavior of "Expandable"). Since it has this menu behavior, the side menu is always expanded unless the user clicks on the hamburger icon.

But let's consider this scenario:

The user is on Screen A. They collapse the side menu by clicking on the hamburger icon. They now navigate to Screen B. And now the side menu is expanded, even though they had collapsed it before!

How could I fix this issue? How could I keep the state of the Side Menu the same (expanded or collapsed, whatever the user chooses at any given time) no matter what screen they are in?

Any help is appreciated :)


Hi Yizuhi,

In that case you can use one client variable and is use this menu  (with a MenuBehavior of "Expandable") .

when user click on hamburger icon change this client property accordingly.

Hope this will help you.



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