Can I develop a project to implement on market?

I can upgrade my end-users limit in order to have an app at stores?

Hello Rui, 

I'm assuming you are talking about your OutSystems personal environment.  In fact, you have a limited number of users. 

To extend that limit and to use your application for business purposes, you will need to acquire an OutSystems license. 

Best Regards, 

Paulo Z

Que seria no minimo o plano Basic, correto?


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Hi Rui,

Here are the pricing offers with their limitations and also what the limits are in terms of users for your free edition.

Also be aware that a personal environment (free plan) is never ment to be production environment. There are also limitations on its availability and rules on hoe to keep the environment up and running.

These free environments are provided as a means for people to learn and play around with OutSystems. Not for an ISV to host applications to be used by customers.



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