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I created an exposed rest api with basic authentication.  When the api is called I obviously have to provide a username and password. 

What username and password should I provide?

 Is this a user on the users module? If yes, which user is it and what role should this user have?   Can it be any registered user ? 

Or is this user the username and password of a developer that should exist on the lifetime user management module?

Thank you


Hi Monica, 

Yes, It will be users in user module. 

It depends on you which of role you wanted to provide to access to your rest api. 

Suppose in your expose rest api flow , you are using CheckRole bulit-in-function then it will check for particular role after user login.

Please check following documentations-  Basic Authentication

Thank you

Hi Monica,

For exposing the RESTful APIs, OutSystems provides three options 

  1. Basic Authentication
  2. Custom Authentication
  3. no-authentication (but then it is not considered as secured)

Checkout How can I create secure REST APIs with OutSystems?

To make use of Basic authentication to securely authenticate the REST API calls], you should consider using the Service Accounts from the LifeTime. Here you can find the details about it REST API Authentication

Also take a look on step-by-step manual to learn how to Add Basic Authentication to an Exposed REST API



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