Regarding search functionality


I am working on a reactive web application. The application has two date time picker, two drop down box, one search button, one reset button and a data table. 

1. The search functionality and pagination is not working as expected.

2. When I click on reset button the data table not resetting with original data. 



Hi Avjit,

On reset action refresh the source data of table also add search variable=null in your filter of source table so that data can be visible.

and assign null value to the search variable in reset action. 

Can you more elaborate your search functionality that how you are searching?



Hi Avijit, 

 Please show  logic that you implemented in your reactive web app. Like screenshot of actions and what logic you are writing in filter of aggregate. Anything that are not fulfilling expectation. Otherwise how people understand where are you missing things.

Thank you

Due to security reason I cant share the data. However I have attached the screen layout for your reference. 

On search button click data is loading as per below filter conditions and pagination is working as expected

Filter Conditions:

(<ListName>.<FieldName1> like "%" + IdentifierToText(<Drop down1 value>) + "%" or <Drop down1 value> = NullIdentifier()) and (<ListName>.<FieldName2> like "%" +  IdentifierToText(<Drop down2 value>) + "%" or <Drop down2 value> = NullIdentifier()) and  ((<ListName>.<DateFieldName1> >= If(FromPourDate= NullDate(), MinDate, DateToDateTime(FromDate)) or FromDate = NullDate()) and <ListName>.<DateFieldName1> <= If(ToDate= NullDate(), MinDate, DateToDateTime(ToDate)) or ToDate = NullDate()))

Error 1:

For the first time page is loading with all data but when clicked on page number it is section data as per the filter condition. 

Error 2:

In reset button click unable to load page with all data. 


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