I want to navigate the large number list  without using Outsystems navigation widget.
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I want to do below thing without using Outsystems navigation widget.

In the case of transaction files, etc., the number of cases increases, so if all cases are read, the amount of acquired data will increase and the load will increase.

Therefore, the number of acquired data is set to the number of each page (top XX), and when the page switching button is clicked, the data for the next page is read.

hello Dilma,

the problem you're facing is clear. Which kind of navigation widget would you like to use? Is previous / next sufficient? In that case, hold the pagenumber in a local variable as well as the listcount. 

when executing the query, query for listcount * pagenumber +1 records, the +1 so you will know if there is a next page. the previous page can be active when pagenumber > 1.

You can set the maxrecords on the advanced sql, I don't think you will need a hardcoded 'Select top 20'.

After getting the records for the new page, refresh the necessary parts of your screen. 

The outputlist of the sql can be used in your screen.

Let's hope that you are able to use it. Good luck!

Hello Hans,

Can I use navigation widget also.

yes you can. but for that, you'll need to execute a seperate sql query to return the number of rows (which is necessary for that widget. 

by the way, have you validated if you can skip loading the transaction files, which should be in a seperate entity (as best practice) , so that querying using the normal aggregate will be fast? The current RAD implementation of aggregates will result in fast results for the first page(s) and will become slower when navigating to latter pages, but those pages won't be visited often because people will change the search criteria if they can't find it on the first pages.

Kind regards Hans 

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