[Data Grid Reactive] Data dynamic association
Forge component by Bruno Martinho


When I using Datagrid, I want data dynamic association.

For example, there are two columns of code and name in the datagrid.

The code column uses [DropdownColumn], and after selecting the code, I can get the corresponding name, but I cannot set the name value to the name column for display.

Can you help me ?


Hello @He Caixia 

What you are trying to use is an associative column, which I am sorry to say we don't have it (yet).

Our component is in evolution, and we don't have all the features ready (yet). 

I will try to find out the schedule for the deliveries and reach back to you soon.

We may have a 2nd option sooner, the combination of the OnCellValueChange, a column's event, and a new action to set value on a Cell, but this second one isn't opened (yet).

Sorry for so many "yet"s on this message.

Kind regards

Ricardo Valim

Thank you for your help.

Looking forward to the perfection of component.

Hello @He Caixia 

The "associative columns" or "dependency between columns" is scheduled for the second semester. I am sorry to say that there is no release date.

But I would recommend you register your needs here, doing so, others users can vote too. We always try to deliver what the community is asking for, when a item is upvoted, can be priorityzed by Outsystems.

About the 2nd option that I told you, would be painful and I afraid we couldn't cover all the situations in the best way, we would have to treat a lot of events, and not all of them are already opened.

I would suggest you to use a DropDown Column by now, I know it isn't what you asked for, but it is stable.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Valim


I'm also needing this functionality.

It would be good in having it as fast as possible please.

I've registered my idea here - Idea.

I'll be waiting for news.

Thank you

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