I have a data table with a web application.

I am planning to bootstrap the data up. But I would like to clean about 1000 sample records before bootstrap new data records.
Looking for suggestion to do it.

Another relative question, when I use SQL Management Stuio to see the data table. I can not see any records in the related table. I must miss something.
Any idea what I missed?

just delete the data in an advanced query, in the bootstrap action?

Hi Richard,

There may be several reasons, and also several ways to do what you want to do.

Let's start with the second question.

The first cause for it might be that you are not looking at the actual data table. To find out which data table you are looking for, use this eSpace shared in our forums. Make sure you use the last one in the thread, which is supposed to be the most up to date.

The second cause might be because those sample records have been imported by Intelliwarp, from an excel spreadsheet, or are a static entity, and might not have been at the database at the time you were querying it.

To delete those records, though, you have the following alternatives:

1 - If they are a static entity, right-click it in the Entities folder in the eSpace tree, click "More...", open the "Records" tab, and delete them there;
2 - If they are being bootstrapped from an excel spreadsheet or through intelliwarp, do delete the BootStrap action, and the associated Timer, as well as the Excel file in the Resources folder;
3 - If they are in the database, you can follow Joost's suggestion, using an advanced query to delete the records. If you want to delete all the records in the table, you might want to consider truncating the table, instead of deleting the records. You can do this either in Service Studio or in SQL Server Management Studio.

I hope this solves your problem. Let us know how it goes!


Paulo Tavares