Correct data storing mechanism

Dear All

What is the correct mechanism for storing data?


 Mechanism 1

This is directly mapped to the Local Variable input


Mechanism 2

This creates a local variable for the source create or update


Hi Hothorasman,

Both approaches (mapping values or set a variable as the input) are equally valid, they are just different ways of doing the same thing.

You can apply the one that makes most sense to you in a given situation.

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Personally I like to have as little Local Variables as possible, and use the mapping a lot. But I know others that don't like to map directly on an Action, and use Local Variables instead. So I guess it's a matter of preference.

Dear Kilian,

So which logic is faster?


I don't think you will notice any difference in speed. The actual database CreateOrUpdate operation will take a magnitude more time.

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