[CKEditor 5] Switching from ckeditor4 to ckeditor5, problem with showing content
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Good Morning,

we are moving from ckeditor 4 to ckeditor 5,

when the old content contains only text or link works fine, but when we have some media ( like video from yt) it doesn't show anything, how can we fix this?

Hi Carmelo,

I don't think I understand your issue. For me adding a YouTube video for instance works as expected. I simply add the link into the editor and it will be picked up as a embedded video automatically. Can you please give some more details for the problem you are experiencing. 

It can also prove useful to read the documentation of the module in question. Perhaps that will help you solve the issue: https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor5/latest/features/media-embed.html



Hi Vincent,

Let me explain better, if i add a YT video it works, the problem is when i load content that was saved with cke4 in the new cke5, in that case it not working, work only if the content saved with cke4 contains only text and link

Ah I see. That is a difficult one and it described by the authors of CKEditor5 here: https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor5/latest/builds/guides/migration/migration-from-ckeditor-4.html

It includes a lot of custom work that since there is no simple upgrade path from CKEditor4 to CKEditor5 as stated in the "Existing data" chapter. 

Perhaps the last line of this chapter is the quickest solution for you. Add a boolean to your database entity to indicate that it's CKEditor5 content. If not, use the CKEditor4 method to display data. 

If you need any further help with this please contact the original authors. I'm not able to assist you further with this issue.



Hi Vincent

thank you for you help, we'll try to find a way!



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