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I am building a Mobile application and I am aware that I can add onclick event on the below section. But is it possible if I would want to add the event dynamically without the need to set it at the below section first. And beside that in the Handler I need to call a specific Screen Action. 

If anyone can help, would greatly appreciated. 


Hi Yudi,

Yes, you can dynamically add event listener to the container. I have created a sample for the mentioned use case. See this sample screen DynamicCntrEventListenerDemo

  • On Button click an onclick event listener is defined to the container element. 
  • A screen action will get invoked on the container onclick event.

Used JavaScript Snippet:

var containerEle = document.querySelector('#' + $parameters.ContainerId);

containerEle.addEventListener('click', function() {
    $actions.EventHandler(); // invoking screen action

Refer to the attached .oml file

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Hi Benjith,

Thanks. It works as intended

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