Access Dataverse API on Azure using Username and Password
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11.10.16 (Build 40209)


I have a need to integrate our existing applications with some of the Power Apps created at our client. They expose Dataverse API's, which I can successfully update via Postman, but when retrieving a token, the MS login screens pops up. 

This integration does not make use of the currently logged in user, it's a basic systems-to-system integration making use of a dedicated integration user.

Is it possible to integrate with the Azure AD by passing the username and password to get the token instead?

We currently make use of the Microsoft Connector plugin, which works well to manage all our users and app roles on Azure.

Hi Rudi,

You can get the access token without user interaction by setting API permission in the Azure application.

For further implementation notes, follow this presentation:

starting from the slide 17



Thanks Hasan,

This worked finally, even though I tried it before when it didn't, I noticed in the slide that retrieving a token is actually a POST action, then it worked perfectly.

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