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Hey there,

Is there an easy way (through a forge component or service center) to find out in which eSpaces is a web service and a method called?



Hi Marios,

You can check the integration audit in Sevice Center but we can have calls that were done (Monitoring -> Integrations) but this is not a full log functionality, the only way to validate the clients calling a WS or method is to build a back-office to create a log for each call.

Out of the box the platform doesn't give that log option.

There are a few log components in the Forge like 'Audit System - Overview | OutSystems' but when the call is done you need to call the component to create the log record.

If you're having problems in production, my advice is to develop the log logic, go to production and after a while check the logs.

Hope it helps,

Ricardo Pisco.

I wasn't actually referring to that.

I want to find where this is called.

I thought that from Service Studio's search function we could, correct?

Hi Marios Tofarides,

Yes, we can do it from Find usage function of  action or block or screen in module or in other module too,



You can only find the usage for :
Server Actions/WB /Entities etc but not for Rest-API Methods i.e the Source Endpoints which are using Rest-API.

Hi Marios,
So far what I have seen; there's no option to find the consumers of Webservices/REST-API methods.

Incase you find; do let me know as well :)

You can also post this as a new Idea, maybe it will get traction :)


Hi Marios,

You can query the Web_Reference system table available in the (System) module.

In Service Studio: Manage Dependencies > Select (System) module > Select Web_Reference entity.

You can then look for your service URL or Effective_URL.

This table has an Espace_Id that you can join with the Espace table (also available under System).

Unfortunately, you can't filter the methods but the service URL should be enough.



Actually, guys, I wanted it for SOAP. I haven't tried REST-API. 

Thanks for all your responses.



The Web_Reference table is for SOAP services. 

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