Send selected rows by checkbox  from table to next screen
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I am using the template from reactive  Bulk action template .

I am trying to select some rows by checking checkbox and want to display those on next screen

My question is how should I pass the current selected rows from table to next / new screen after clicking button.

I would like to send below 2 selected rows to next screen

Please suggest.

Hello Ashish,

This could be achieved by having a boolean attribute to your list that is bound to the table. In this way you'll know which record has this flag true/false based on user selection and you can either pass the entire list forward to the next screen (not too recommended) or directly save in the DB the selections when they're done and work with them in your next screen.



Hi Bodgan,

Thank you  for reply, i tried to have one Boolean attribute but its not working ,  could you please guide how to directly update in DB the selected status?

Thanks & Regards

Ashish Akolkar

Hi Ashish, 

Usually maintaining one boolean variable in a custom list will work and it will always have updated values as per your selection. Regarding saving in DB , You either will have to loop through the list and then save it in db on button click or also you can save the list on every onchange event of checkbox (not recommended design though).

Mostly the boolean flag solution should work. Please share your logic to help you out further.



Hi Ashish,

If you want to use these values only in the screen level, no need to commit any thing to the DB.

You can extend the list source entity type with a new Boolean attribute (IsSelected) and assign this to the value property of the checkbox for each row (as a normal attribute in the row), then in the navigation action to the next screen you can add "ListFilter" action to your flow, pass to it the table list and put in its condition "IsSelected" to return only the selected rows. Then you pass the output list of the "ListFilter" action to the next screen as an input parameter.

Hope this can help.



Hi @Ashish Akolkar 

Check here if it is the expected:

You can check the oml also


Gonçalo Almeida


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