Bug report: Warning "Potential Loop at runtime" not getting cleared
Application Type

Version: 11.10.17
Build: 41112

I have an OnAfterFetch action getting called on an aggregate, it used to contain a "Refresh Data" action but after removing the refresh data action the warning is not cleared. If I Create a new action and redo the remaining parts, the warning is cleared directly.

How to reproduce:

  • Create an event with a Refresh data action for the aggregate inside
  • Assign it to aggregate
  • Verify you have the warning
  • Remove the Refresh Data
  • Verify the warning is still there

Intended outcome:

  • Warning should be cleared when Refresh Data action is removed from the Action.


Good/Sad to see you found a bug :)

However, Forums is usually not a good place to post bugs regarding Service Studio.

For redundancy because you probably know it:
Please submit your bugs via the "Submit feedback" in SS.
(and if it's blocking/critical, open up a support case)


Ah, perfect. I'll report it there. 

I was actually searching the forums here for "report bug" "report issue", and all I found were previous bug reports,. I also searched inside SS, but I thought the feedback was for "Tell us how much you love us" and not bug reports. So I was really trying to be a good corporate citizen, but I failed :)

I'll go report it inside SS, J. 


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