[Google Maps Library] Adding Markers appears to happen in sequence over several seconds
Forge component by Labs
Service Studio Version
11.10.17 (Build 41113)

We are using the Google Maps Mobile library, to draw a map with multiple markers. When we are drawing the markers, the markers seem to be drawing "one-at-a-time", and take several seconds to all appear, if there is a large number of markers (in one case, we have a map loading in over 1000 markers).

When I run through debug, and try to see where the bottleneck is in my application (assuming the issue was with my handling of the data), I have tried to eliminate a few things.

  • The Data Action, that fetches the entities for the markers, will load in less than a second
  • The OnAfterFetch that runs, once the above data action is finished, also takes less than a second.
  • I added some debug javascript to the GoogleMapsMobile library itself, to see if cycling the marker list and attaching the markers itself is taking time, but that does not appear to be the case. the AddMarkerByCoordinate action is being called near-simultaneously for all 300 markers in my test data set.
  • However, the markers are still drawing one-by-one, over several seconds.

I am a little at my whits end, and I am researching things further. Was posting this here, in case another person had some input on my problem.

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