How to display binary data type attribute in  record list widget
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Traditional Web
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11.10.17 (Build 41112)


I am trying to display an entity attribute, binary data type, using the record widget

Now, I the attribute, "customerinforjson" , the expression, used the binary to text 

The rendering is not taking place although there are no errors. According to my logic it should simple display. The attribute is holding JSON data. Not sure why its not happening!

Below are the snapshot for screen:




Hi Manah,

As far as I can tell, it works as it should be. The binary data in the field is being converted to text and shown. The text shown is the JSON.
I suppose you want to see the fields in the JSON in the table? For that you need to deserialize the JSON to an entity or structure, which you can then show. Check for more info.


Hi Lennart, 

thank you for taking the time and your reply. My questions are only for learning purposes and I'm  trying to find my way around json and Outsystems.

Your are right. I am trying to deserialize a non-flat or a multi level json structure. I am attaching the OML file. I did deserialize a simple Json structure. it worked like a charm. But with multi-level json structure its not clear for me.

First Question:

In the screen name "customer", my aim is to display the text of json structure as an attribute. I'm trying to display the text output of the json structure in a table record using the  CustomerDataBinaryTable widget, I dragged and dropped the structure parsehub > categories and got what looks like id and another column with no output. Im not sure what am I doing wrong. I have no errors but there is something missing!!

Further more, I created a new screen name is "GetRESTData_Encoded_Gzip".  The process of deserialization start looping thru a list, record , or just structure data? I created three local variables of those type just to check if one should work as a data source of the loop. 

I would like to place the json values using deserlization in an entity or multiple entities. So far, I did the deserialization, but not sure which data type should I loop and how can I handle multi-level json structure. 

So far Im able to work with flat json structure, but when it comes to multi-level , it not clear for me how to tackle it.


Manah Hamadeh


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