How to make pi chart in Reactive.
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How to make pi chart in reactive please explain it with a demo

Hi Utkalika Majhi

Here I have attached the OML with pie chart, 

Hope that helps,




I could not understand.. Actually in my pichart I want to display totalbook issued(distinct book count from table ) vs Number of User(distict UserId count from table)

I am confused what you are trying to achieve.

An example image will make it easier :)

(On that note, pie-charts are not the best charts to use)

I am showing one demo how I have did it in traditional.The attachment contains the screenshot of my required pochart and the preparation where i have put the action.

My question is that eexact pichart how can I make in Reactive.


Hi Utkalika,

If you already done it in traditional. Then I don't think it should be hard in reactive. 

Whatever you have done in preparation , now you should have to do similar in Data Action (Right Click of Screen -> fetch data from other sources) and you can give output variable as much required in Data Action.


Hope this may help.


I can not understand how to set output parameter in fetch data from other sources??

In traditional I made two query one count the number of data in table and other count distict name in the table.I was just showing these two count values in my pi chart.But in Reactive I could not understand how to do it?

Use Assignment Widget  to set output parameter of DataAction flow.  

You have two output parameter of DataAction one for  no. of data in table and other for  distict name count. Now You need to assign value for both Output parameter of DataAction otherwise it will give error. 

In Data Action you need to have two SQL Node, one node will count no. of data of table and Other SQL Node Count distict name.

In Assignment Widget, assign value of SQLNode Output to Output Parameter of DataAction.

For Example you can see such implementation in below screenshot.

Note: for SQL Node you also need to have Structure So that you can gave it in SQLNode Output Structure.

Important Links- 

SQL Courses 

SQL Queries

Hope this help


thanks.Output property I can set by seeing given reference.

But dragdrop of datapoint to the flow is not happening.How to do that?

Hi Utkalika,

I think, First you should understand the behaviour of PieChart. It shows List of datapoints where each datapoints have thair label and respective value. 

In your case , Your have  only 2 datapoints.  So You need to create List of datapoints with these 2 counts value that you are getting from SQL Node output.

Please check my OML. It is following same that you have required. But it is actually not right use case of pie chart.

Note- OML have dependencies of OutSystems SampleData Db . In case if it is not available in your environment. You can install it from here.

Hope this help, 




On Initialize has the wrong name. This is an OnAfterFatech

Please, check too this oap file, with examples.


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