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As you probably know, we are constantly monitoring your feedback so that we can improve our product, from fixing bugs to identify new opportunities to make developing with OutSystems even faster.

In the name of the whole Product Group, I wanted to publicly thank all the developers in our community that keep providing useful and actionable feedback.

You're helping us building a better product!

In the last year these were our community members that submitted more feedback to our product teams inside Service Studio:

Thank you for that, and keep the feedback coming!

PS: some interesting pictures :)

Indeed! Great work! 

Also great to have you as stakeholders of some initiatives!

Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Thank you so much! Not only to these "top feedbackers" but to every user that helps us build better product!


Thank you so much for all the feedback, guys!

It really makes a difference for us and is most appreciated!

Do keep it coming!

Thank you so much for your contribution, it is indeed very important! Let's keep building a great product together!

Thank you for your constant feedback. Please do keep it coming!


Don't worry, we will! :D

Thank you very much for all the commitment and feedback given throughout time! We count on you to keep pushing the bar and feeding us with ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for your feedback, it is really useful for us.

Keep up with the awesome work!

This is so great!

Thank you so much for your frequent and meaningful feedback! We are listening, please do keep it coming!

Have a nice week.

Thank you all for helping us help you, and for all your enthusiasm!

Keep that juicy feedback coming and we'll keep our ears peeled!

Thank you so much for helping the platform to be so awesome!

Thank you for the appreciation guys! I love giving feedback and I always hope that I make it constructive enough. I would like some feedback on that though ;P

Grateful to our community for all the feedback, both the good, and the blunt. Holding us to a high standard can only make the platform better, and I look forward to continuing the collaboration!


Thank you for all the feedback, guys!

Thanks everyone! It's good to share this with us, all of you are good examples to follow! Thanks to all of you, we have better tools!

Thank you so much guys for every second you dedicate to give us feedback. Very valuable effort.


Thank you guys! 

Thank you to everyone that dedicates time to providing feedback. I hope you all understand that your feedback helps us build a better product for you to use and love!

You rock!

Good to see all the RockStar :)


More than happy to share my unsalted opinion :)

(I still remember the moment I visited the office and saw myself on the wall at documentation I believe ;) )

Keep on rocking. The path you are taking at the moment is bumpy and difficult.

Have a stroopwafel!

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback. This is really important for us to improve our product!


Good job team!

Keep the feedback cycle rolling and help make the platform better every iteration. Thank you, guys!

Good job and congratulations to all

Congratulations to all and thank you for the great inputs!

Thank you for all the ideas and new features in service studio!

Thank you so much for all the valuable feedback!


Good job and big thank to everyone for making this platform more stable & better over the time.

Love the way The Outsystems team is helping, appreciating and growing togather !!! Keep up !

Good Job guys ;)


Thanks & Appreciate, everyone!!

Thank you so much for helping the platform to be more stable & better .

Good job and congratulations to all


You guys are continuously putting efforts. It's really commendable. 

Thank you so much and keep up the good work!! 

Great job team

Great work guys!!

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