OutSystems Production Data Migration from one environment to another
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OutSystems Production Data Migration from one environment to another (OnPrem PRD to Cloud PRD)

We are planning to migrate an Application including dependency applications from On-Premise Production to AWS Cloud Production Environment. The purpose is to utilize Auto-scaling since the selected application to be migrated is quite heavy in terms of usability and traffic from the users.

The current status is:

1. We were able to provision 1 set of Environment in AWS Cloud (1 App Server - Deployment Controller, 1 App Server - Front-end [for autoscaling], 1 RDS for SQL)

2. The said cloud environment was successfully joined to On-Premise Infrastructure through LifeTime (using Direct Connect)

3. Next step in mind is to Deploy the selected application from On-Prem to Cloud Environment using the LifeTime

For now, we are still looking for the recommended/guided steps on how to migrate the live data of those selected applications to the Cloud (application and user data). Any other steps that we also need to consider with this application and data migration? Thanks in advance.


Did you already checked the DMM component?


Maybe this can help you with the data migration.

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira


Please have a look on the below link as well . This toll allows the seamless migration from one environment to other.




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