Updating hidden variables

Updating hidden variables

I'm new to all this, so apologies for what is probably a very simple question...!

Can anyone please tell me what's the best way to update hidden variables on an edit screen - eg I have a created and a modified timestamp that I want to update with the current time at the point of create / save to the database?

Hi Anthony ,

you don't need to apology, everyone needs to do the newbie question if want to learn and... we are here to help :)

What you have to do is to use an assign node where you assign the values you want to the edit record hidden values and then you use the entities actions to create or createorupdate.

if more help needed, feel free to ask


Thanks Ricardo, much appreciated.

I've got that now, understood and tried it out - brilliant - I can't believe how easy this platform is to use! 

you're welcome.