Does the version of Service Studio affect the generation of HTML code?
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The HTML code generated from the Dropdown Widget changed before I knew it.
The Dropdown Widget had been set Attribute (e.g., foo = "bar"),
and Originally It was generating the code as the following
<div class="dropdown-container" data-foo="bar"> <select class="dropdown">.

However before I knew it, the code
<div class="dropdown-container"> <select class="dropdown" data-foo="bar">
was being generated.
The position where the Attribute is assigned had changed.

During that time, we were also upgrading the version of Platform, so I think it is highly possible.
But I'm not sure about the cause because I was also upgrading the version of Service Studio.

Can changes occur in the HTML code generated from Widget due to changes in Service Studio?


Hi Eiji,

There can be changes that happen in the HTML generation but since all of the code generation happens on the platform server its more likely that this change happened with a platform upgrade not necessarily a service studio upgrade. The service studio sends a XML/OML file to the platform server that then generates the code and deploys to the front end. 

I hope this helps!


Thanks Bryan!

I can now be considered If there are no changes to the XML/OML file, this issue was caused by a Platform version upgrade.

I've heard from my colleague that the XML/OML file created by Service Studio may change due to the version upgrade of it,
But he also said that a warning message was informed when that happened.

I don't remember seeing the warning in this case, so I think it was due to the Platform version upgrade. 


The background to this question was to determine if the Service Studio version should be fixed during development.

And the need seemed extremely low.


Hi Eiji,

Why you worry about the generates code?

Unless there is a bug in it that OutSystems should fix, I wouldn't be bothered that much.

The whole idea of OutSystems is that they can improve the code generation while your module logic remains the same.

Yes, Service Studio can result in an updated OMLl/XML when new language features are introduced, but they go hand in hand with the right platform version in which these new feature s are implemented in the code generation.

I do believe that all coders in the same development team should work on the same service studio version to avoid unnecessary upgrades, but mostly because it takes a little longer opening a module that needs to be converted.



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