DropDownTags in a Form, trying to save data

I'm relatively new to outsystems, couldn't find an answer exactly for this spesific problem

I'm trying to create a Form for an event that contains a "DropDownTags" that brings up a list of potential Participants for the event. The client can then choose from that list, a number of participants who were at the event. Once Saved, the chosen Participants by the client should be saved under the "Participants" attribute in the "Events" Entitiy. Preferably as a Text with "," seperating all the different Participants.

I am having a hard time understanding how a dropdowntags can be converted into string and for that string to be updated right after the newly created Event row.

In summary: I'm trying to create a question in a form, with the option of chosing multiple options, then these options to be concatenated into a text with seperators, and then that text to be saved on into the co-responding row.


Hi CincoMariposas,

there are many aspects to your question

1) where is the list with chosen options

the dropdown tags allows to choose multiple options, but isn't bound directly to a variable.  So you will, in you screen or webblock have to maintain that list in a local variable (don't know your datamodel, that could be a list of your "participant" or "person" entity.  Or, as you are apparently only interested in their names, it could be a list of text, maybe.

Every time the user selects or unselects an option, the widget will fire an onChange event, with a list as input parameter.  So inside that event, copy this input list to your screens or webblocks local list.

2) So apparently, you have chosen a design where you want to store all this information from the list in a single comma seperated string.  Firstly, that will only work if what you want to store never has a comma, but let's assume that for participant names, we can count on that.

Turning a list into a string can be done a number of ways, for example, Outsystems offers the StringJoin action in producer "Text" that will do this.  You can specify a separator.

3) I would ask you to maybe reconsider your datamodel.  There is clearly a many to many relationship between events and people, why not model that as such ?


Hey Dorine,

Thanks so much for you input, and your comprehensive answer.

I took your advice and changed the data model to a many to many - and of course that made things easier.

Thanks again!

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