URGENT : Error logging in Outsystems

URGENT : Error logging in Outsystems

Can someone please suggest how to do error logging in Outsystems and propogate the same to Visual studio so that we can log that erro in a log file. We are creating web services in Outsystems and trying to access the same in .Net application. We just want to track any error that crops up in the service and log the same. Any pointers will be highly praised.
Hi Shiva, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

There are several ways to do so.

I'm going to lay them out in order, so you can assess which makes more sense in your case.

1 - Have an exception handler, and return the error message in an output parameter, as well as an error code. Just like the old days, in Visual Studio you would be able to see whether or not the error code menat something, and in case it meant, you could log the message;

2 - Have the OS web service log the errors directly in the database. Then you could read it afterwards in any application.

3 - Have the OS web service write the errors directly to a file in the file system. This will probably only be useful if the you want the logs to be logged in the server machine where the Web Service is being executed.

I hope these help.


Paulo Tavares
Dear Paulo,

Many thanks for your prompt response. I feel option #1 and #3 will be suitable in my case. But since I'm new to outsystems and don't know much about it, can you please provide me some links to video's, tutorials etc explaining these concepts and steps to acheive the same.

This is really urgent and I would highly appreciate your help in this.

Warm Regards,
Hi Shiva,

I would think that option #1 would be the best, and probably the easiest.

For you to get started, I will recommend you to take our free online Developer Course which will guide you through the basis.

Also, I will suggest you look into our How To page, since there are several great tutorials there - and they are very self-explanatory and easy to follow.

Namely, the following tutorials should be especially useful for you:

- Build an App in 5 mins
- Understand the Logic Behind Web Pages
- Create a Web Service
and probably "Learning the OutSystems Language for C# Developers"

I hope these help!


Paulo Tavares