Grouping date to form a week and extract the count done by the user for that week?

I got an aggregate with below columns...

UserName, OfficeLoc, #ofActions,#ofhours ( all these are group by columns).

I also have startdate and Enddate columns in the aggregate.

Requirement: While displaying the group by columns, i wanted have columns displaying a week(min of start date)+7 going up to the max of EndDate.  For each user, corresponding row to display the bifurcation of #ofhours in the weekly slot created


UserName |OfficeLoc | #ofActions | #ofHours |4/14/2021 | 4/21/2021 | 4/28/2021 | 5/5/2021 | 5/12/2021 | ...

Sunil                 XYZ             100                     20              5                     6                  4                       0                 5

Require an assistance in resolving above problem...



Hi Sunil,

this is a very interesting exercise although I see some limitations just looking at it. 

Using aggregates you cannot rename the columns dinamically. Also the number of columns cannot be generated dinamically.

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