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Hello everybody,

I have an app with table, dropdown etc... it works well when i set up the rows aggregate's limit to 50.

But i have 6000 rows and i need to distinct values from this 6000rows.

But when i set up the rows aggreagte's limit to 6000 the app is very very very very slow.

Do you know how to do ?



Hi Julien,

do you use pagination? 

Try using this value in the max records of the aggregate, it will limit the fetch to what will be displayed on each table page:

List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(Table.Id, True) + Table.LineCount + 1

Hi Jose,

Yes but after i can't do a distinct in my all 6000 records...

Thanks a lot,


Hi Julien, 

Apart from pagination.

I think , Indexing may improve performance. 

Create new index of that Entity column which is used for filter condition in aggregate (your dropdown).

Hope this may help,


HI Rahul,

Please can you develop your explication ? Or give me a link where i could understand whats is "indexing" ?



Hi , 

Indexing is a way to optimize the performance of a database by minimizing the number of disk accesses required when a query is processed. It is a data structure technique which is used to quickly locate and access the data in a database. Indexes are created using a few database columns.

Thank You

Can you show a print of your aggregate?

Sorry these are confidential data. But my aggregate has nothing particular, it contains 6000rows, when i fix the row limit at 50 it displayed just 50 records and it works perfectly.

But when i want to display more it is very slow.


how do you get the distinct values, do you get them from the aggregate or by using a listDistinct? 

It is depending on your use case, one case could be that you group your aggregate on the value that needs to be distinct. Add an index on that databasefield as well. 

Further, you can just use the drag-n-drop the entity on your page to create the paginated tabel visualization.


i get my distinct value from this aggregate thanks to the listdistinct

i need to distinct all the value (attribute) of my agreggate.



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