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Hey! I am trying to import a table from Excel to OutSytems but my table contains 800 lines and it has 17 columns.
It imports the header but it does not import the data. I am using the free version, is that a limit of the 2 GB in my free enviromment?


did you use the import feature available in the database?

even you if you don't want the data saved in the database, you can reuse the generated code by this process and fix accordingly to your needs.

Hey! Yes, I did. I imported other tables (smaller) and they worked. The only one that is not working is this one.


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Responding to your question, since you are using your Personal Environment, then yes, you have a 2GB database storage limitation.

You can check all the limitations of personal environments in this documentation.

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas

Hello, I hope you are well. 

Something similar happened to me, try to access your LifeTime: https: // your / LifeTimeCloudConnect / Environments.aspx to see how much space you have left. 

You can also access the Service Center - Factory - Check Old Module Versions to Delete and check if there are older versions in your modules to delete. 

Note: Normally, even after excluding possible versions, the platform will take some time to reorganize the data and give you how much space you have available. 

Hope this helps. 

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Danilo Miquelino.

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