Pop up closes after every filter selection
Application Type
Traditional Web

My pop closes after every selection of choice offered by it

The code looks like below

1st java scipt - 


2 java script -


Thanks in advance

Hello Mackenzie,

Your Javascript is always hiding the popup. There is documentation that explains exactly how to implement your pop-up, step by step, easy and fast to implement!


You basically only need the popUp widget from RichWidgets. The first part is for Reactive/Mobile Apps and the second one for Traditional Web Apps

Best Regards,

Tomás Dionísio.

I will check thanks

I implemented but it did  not work as expected . On selection it is closing above above is server action

Hello Mackenzie, 

I just created this OML in order to help you understand how PopUp should work. I hope it helps you to understand where to do what

Best regards,

Tomás Dionísio.


Thanks. But there problems seems from external java script.

Hello Mackenzie, 

Try to disable that JS script and check if all works fine. Can you share that script in order to help you with the issue?

Best regards,

Tomás Dionísio

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