[Firebase Mobile] Push Notification  - Notifications do not trigger with Timer

Hello everyone,

I have a timer that runs every 5 minutes depending on my needs, and at each interval a validation is made to see if the conditions checked are met so that the push notification triggers.

Previously, it worked perfectly, but for some reason it stopped working, that is, the timer runs normally, but does not trigger the notification when it should. The curious thing is that in the debug, the push notification triggers normally, but not in normal mode, despite the timer running without errors and in the stipulated periods.

I have already done all possible expenses and I have not found a reason for this.

someone to help me please?

Thanks a lot,


Do you have on the timer something like GetUserId() or something similar?
Without more information it's hard to know, if you could provide more information or oml, I'm happy to help.

Hi Sérgio,

I've already managed to solve the problem. the problem was in my action by the server that triggers the timer.



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