[Data Grid Reactive] Question about row selection and double click event
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I have two questions about reactive data grid.

1. Is this possible to select whole row (like click the first column of the row) when I click the any data in a row?

2. We need to show popup window for data editing when the user double-click any row of the data. 

   Is this feature possible with the reactive data grid forge? 

Thank you

Hello @IT Hiossen,

The first question that you mentioned is not supported by the Data Grid. It has a major impact on all selection features.

Regarding the second question, for opening popups with row data, we advise to use an Action Column.  That column triggers an event for that specific row with the row data. You can use that and fill a form with inputs. After edit, save the data in the DB and then don't forget to refresh your data source to update the Data Grid information.

Is this an option for you? Let me know.

Best regards,

Tiago Pereira

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