How to partially close Interacton\sidebar
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I'm trying to apply a style to the interaction sidebar which controls its width. I would like it to reduce in width on a button toggle. The tool bar in service studio is a perfect example of what I am trying to achieve.

I have tried adding the following in the extended class of the tool bar.

If(BarOpen,"toolsOpen", "toolsClosed")

toolsClosed being 100px toolsOpen being 250px and barOpen being a boolean variable which is toggled on the button.

This does not work. Can anybody suggest another way of doing this please.



You have to see if the width that is already on the sidebar has priority on your customization. You can try  "width: 100px !important" when you are changing the width, but it's not a good approach to do that. Can you share the application or an image of what you are inserting on your extended class and how and which properties you are putting?


Márcio Carvalho

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