Agile Reporting Services, delay

Agile Reporting Services, delay

I tested a few weeks ago Agile Reporting Services, is an excellent solution. One detail that I noticed is the unusual delay in paging in the report (use the processor on the server almost 100% about 5 seconds when it is paging). I wanted to know this happened to you
Hello Eduardo,

The behaviour you're reporting is not a known issue so please drop me an email with your report to afonso dot metello at epopeia dot com and our support staff will take it from there.

Other than the usual first time access wait, common to every .net web app, there should be no reason for any performance issue - if there is, we'll fix it :)

Looking forward to get in touch.

Afonso Metello

Solved, I think it was a bug with w3wp. I upgrade the server to lasted version of outsystems platform. Agile Reporting Service works fine and fast.

Only a sad news, the new limit up to 30K unit software. To see all working. I had to delete some pages and tables from my espace

Afonso my congratulations for this solution