Format point colors in Highcharts chart

I'm attempting to color datapoints in a scatter chart based on their value, but just can't work out where to apply the color property.

  • Reactive application
  • I have initialised am AdvancedFormat variable & set chart type to scatter
  • I have passed values & labels through from my list
  • When I set my color property, it doesn't apply on the other end.
  • Have tried text values (e.g. "Red", "Black"), hex codes & rgba. none fo which work (or at least the variations I;ve applied)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Steve Webb I think you need to pass some options, and I think you can add JSON values and change the colors from the chart. You have here this video

And also a question already answered about this subject.

I hope you can get it. :)


Márcio Carvalho

Hi Steve,

it is related to the Outsystems Chart Widget you start with.

I think the platform code for a linechart ignores individual data point colors, as it is drawing a line connecting datapoints.

See attached oml, turning a linechart into a scatter plot leaves all datapoints in the series color, but turning a bar chart into a scatter plot allows to give each datapoint a different color.

Hope this helps,



Thank you both. I actually got it working through using the AdvancedFormat_Initi & just writing the js directly in. Overwriting the series data with x, y, name & color properties (the defaults that Highcharts looks for).

Nice job @Steve Webb I am happy that you made it :)

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