How we use Config file here?

How we use Config file here?


In the .Net we used the config file to input some data to the application.
For Ex:  When i use RichSend mail process i want to input the Value for the server parameter.It will be vary .So here we want to use the file to get the value for these input or if any other way please give your suggestion


Hi Devaraj,

Regarding configuration files, you can customize the web.config file by following the steps described in this guide.

Then, in runtime, my suggestion would be for you to read those values using an extension, and use them in your eSpace.

Does this do what you want?

My other question would be if you wouldn't want to store those values somewhere else - maybe an entity, or somewhere else, instead of the config file?


Paulo Tavares
I agree with Paulo. Use Site Variables, not web.config. The only reason to look in web.config is if you are sharing that file with another application... which is an extraordinarily bad idea.