Record GPS, Altimeter, Compass direction at timed interval in order to "scan" a land

I'm new to OutSyetems, I would like to create an Android App for myself.

 I just bougth a land in order to eventually construct a house on it. 

There are a lot of land scaping that will be required. There are some hills en some depressions and some places are flat. 

I taugth that if I can record my GPS coordinates, atitute meter and direction at a time interval, then this way I can "scan" my land (by walking back and forth) and have some kind of a picture of it. and may be export the data as CSV so I can render it later with a tool.

Can you provides me some hints in order to help me to plan my lan to receive a house ?


Well, the biggest problem here is that GPS is really, really inaccurate. If you're lucky, accuracy is 10 meter, but if you have a bad connection, or just a bad GPS chip on your phone, or the GPS sattelites are in a bad position, accuracy can be much worse. So there's no way that you can walk around and get measurements that are accurate enough for you to get a 3D picture of the land.

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