Link to lean the Enterprise Manager

Link to lean the Enterprise Manager

Can you please send the Link for Learning and Better Understanding the "Enterprise Manager".
Because i Created the application with the screen & table (UserDetails,ClientDetails etc).
Now how to Merge this application to "Enterprise Manager".If i merged that application how the User are in my application DB but the Rights are Checked based on the table which was in "OutSystem" DB. So can you please tell how to handle this process.

Please give a link if any Videos to learn "Enterprise Manager"


Hi Devaraj,

I'm not sure we have any materials on how to merge an existing application with Enterprise Manager - usually they are built right from the start using Enterprise Manager.

However, as I already pointed out in other topics, we do have an exhaustive list of How-tos in our website, and I would recommend you going through the "Authentication and Security" section of it.

Also, there's our "How to manage users in the Enterprise Manager" which should help you somewhat as well from a back-office perspective.

Finally, in our online Academy, we have similar sections for Authentication and Security in our Developer Course 2. I don't want to sound like I'm repeating myself a lot, but I strongly encourage you to do the online training and taking the certifications - it's free, you can do it quickly, and it might seem like wasting time, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run because it will teach you all the basics. 

I hope you can get it all to work.


Paulo Tavares

thanks for your Reply  i will start tutorail of studying "Enterprise Manager".
Before start i have few Doubts
1.When we create the espace and Webpage the Corresponding Permission are affected in OutSystem Database
Here Is it Posssible to change the process to Our DB?
2.In the service studio5.1.1.7 we get Permisssion Area for each screen.This will work based on the data in the DB "Outsystem".
Is it Possible to check the Permission from our database using the same Action which was appear in "Permission Area".