Why antivirus blocks pages made in outsystems?


It probably won't be the best place to post this but i am beginner in outsystems and i have a doubt.
I have Kaspersky Total Security on my pc and it blocks the pages build with outsystems.
For example, when i try login in to the outsystems page it is in an infinite loop there and does not redirect for my profile page. Even in outsystems applications that i am building and also existing applications, it blocks redirects from pages.
So far i have added these domains to the exceptions, but it is annoying to have to do this for all the domains of pages that i find made in outsystems.

Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it?
Is there a more effective way to solve this problem?


Hi @gonçalo costa,

It is the right place to post this question. Is it possible for you to share screen shot of the error you are getting while login into the OutSystems?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin Waghmare,

No error appears, only redirects are blocked. In the case of the outsystems login page, it is in an infinite loop trying to log in.

Video of outsystems login page

I have another example, the Fidelidade page that is also built with outsystems and when I try to login it is blank.

 However, the pages work well and I am able to log in when I add domains to antivirus exclusions.

Could you please try to clear the temporary files and cache of your browser on which you are trying to access the website? And also please try to access the website in some other browser? 

I already clean temporary files and cache of browser but cant have access. I tried another site but it also doesn't work.
Only if manage exclusions in antivirus can access the pages

It looks like it is more of your system's problem not specific to OutSystems. You would need to made changes into Kaspersky to allow the websites. Please refer the below link for this.


However, in the meantime you can also open a support case to OutSystems to suggest you a possible solution.

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