How to estimate the development time for some app likes "Driver route track app"
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Hi all, 

I would like to develop a mobile app similar to the following example app:

 - Driversnote -

 I want to track the real car route for drivers to record the mileage, and also export a PDF report. The PDF must list out the mileage in every route. 

Expected logic flow:

1. end-user open the apps

2. click Start button to start records route, click End button to end records.

3. at the end of month, user click Monthly Report button to generate PDF and send email

Anyone could please share some ideas on how to estimate the development time and the costs(Google map API) for this similar application. How many days it needs to take on development time,  Thanks


I don't think it is possible to make this kind of app with OutSystems: an OutSystems Mobile App only "lives" as long as it on the foreground. As soon as you switch off your phone, or switch to another app, your app stops working, and can't register the route anymore.

Apart from that, for any app you create, the estimated development time depends for a large part on the number of developers and their experience, both in general and with OutSystems.

Thank you for your suggestion

Hi Jack,

First you must learn how to use a background plugin, as this:

After that, you maybe should break this problem you have in small peaces:

- splash + button to start

- monitoring using the background location plugin, for instance (while the user do not press the end button)

- pressing end button, stoping the background service

- monthly report of the recording

Best regards.


I didn't know about this plug-in, thanks for educating me :).

Thank you for your suggestion.

I am looking on the Google Map API document but not sure which API is suitable for my case.  What if I would like to show the traveled path of car on the map continually during GPS recording, do you know which Google Map API I can use for?


Hi Jack,

The Google API component can show the coordinates you record in the local phone database. So, maybe if you record the points during the travel and refresh the component after a new point, you should have this traveled path showed.

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